several cars parked properly with one car double parked

Does double parking drive you crazy? Or do your own parking skills leave room for improvement? Here’s why you should always park between the lines—and some helpful tips if you could use some practice.  


Is It Illegal to Double Park?

Depending on where you live, there may be different laws regarding double parking and other parking violations. Typically speaking, there are rules to ensure people use parking spaces appropriately. However, you’re less likely to receive a ticket in a large supermarket parking lot than you are in a private parking garage or a metered parking space.

Better to be safe than sorry. Always be on the lookout for posted signs about parking rules, tow-away zones, and other regulations. Keep in mind that some spaces may only be metered during certain hours of the day!


How to Avoid Parking Lot Accidents

While most accidents happen on the open road, you still need to be careful in parking lots.

  1. Drive slowly and don’t cut across spaces.
  2. Watch out for one-way lanes
  3. Don’t turn in to your parking space too sharply
  4. Leave enough room between your car and the vehicle next to you
  5. After parking, open your door carefully
  6. Make sure your mirrors are adjusted appropriately to watch out for pedestrians and other cars
  7. Be careful backing out


How to Improve Your Parking Skills

Most of us only think our parallel parking skills could use some improvement, but are you following these tips for average parking spaces?

  • Have trouble turning in too early or late? Start turning your wheel as your front bumper passes the tail light of the car in the space next to you
  • If you have trouble parking straight, look for a spot where you can pull through to park
  • After you park, straighten your wheels to make backing out easier


How to Deal with People who Double Park

Sorry if you were expecting some creative tips for revenge! The best way to deal with other people who double park is to assume it was an accident. Instead of trying to squeeze into the space next to them, do yourself a favor and find another spot.


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