You never really know what could come in handy when driving around somewhere. keeping items in your car like food, an umbrella, jumper cables, or blankets is pretty standard. However, there are a lot more unusual things to keep in your car. Even if certain items may seem somewhat out of the box, there is usually a purpose for everything. Here is a list of some of the weirdest items to keep in your car. 

Pet Food

Depending on if you have pets of course, this could be an odd but potentially necessary item to keep in your car. For those who travel with their pets on a frequent basis, it is a good idea to have some food for your furry friends in case they get a little hungry. 


Hygiene should never take a backseat. Literally. However, sometimes in the rush of life you can easily forget something as simple as deodorant. Keeping an extra tube in your car shouldn’t seem too weird. If anything it’s just a safety net during a busy day.

Trash Bags

This is one of the greatest treasures known to mankind. Trash bags, especially scented ones are great to have in your car no matter what your day to day is. Trash builds up relatively fast for most drivers, so having an easy way to deal with that mess is convenient for anyone on the road. While this could seem odd to friends or family, you’ll get the last laugh when they are the ones with  the dirty car.

Duct Tape

Nearly any car issue you could have can be fixed temporarily with some duct tape. You never know when you’re going to have a breakdown, therefore having an item that can compensate for a minor issue will make your life that much easier. 

Old School Maps

Sure, keeping a map in your car might not seem, “weird,” per se, but most of us simply trust the GPS on our cars or phones and call it a day. But what happens when inclement weather, technological difficulties, or rough, mountainous terrain interrupts our cell service? This is why it’s vital to keep a paper map of your area in your car, particularly when you’re traveling in an unfamiliar area. Don’t hesitate to swing by a state’s welcome center to grab a free map, even if you’re just passing through on your way elsewhere. If you want to be even more prepared, map out your trip ahead of time and preorder maps for the states you know you’ll drive through during your travels.

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