A cooler car means a much happier driver. In the hot summer months, maintaining a comfortable temperature in your car will make all the difference. Whether you are driving hours at a time or just for a few minutes while you run to the grocery store, there are some key ways to ensure your car is as cool as possible. Here is some good insight on how to keep your car nice and cool.

Parking Choices

A really simple way to keep a cooler temperature in your car is to be strategic about where you park. Look for a shady spot under a nice tree when possible, even if that means you are parking farther away from where you’re going. If you are somewhere in the city and need parking, look for a parking garage so your car stays out of the sun. 


It is always a good idea to put your windows up when you are parked in a public area, however, keeping your windows cracked an inch or too can make an impact on the coolness of your car. 


Using a sunshade can be a major player in keeping any car cool when it is parked in the sunlight. Not only will the air temperature be cooler, but the seats and steering wheel won’t be scorching hot when you get back in. 


Having a blanket or two in the car can serve a few purposes. If you have little ones, a nap is never out of the question. But in terms of using blankets to keep the car cool, place the blankets over the seats when you get out and simply remove them when you get back. This will keep your seats and more importantly your legs cool the next time you drive. 

There are so many ways to keep the overall quality of your car at a high level. For more information about the wellness of your car, take a look at Best Cleaning Products for Your Car

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