For most vacationers, a trip to the beach means fun, relaxation, and carefree living. Unfortunately, beach trips, especially with kids in the picture, could result in a bit of a mess whether it’s from playing in the sand all day or some spilled ice cream. Although a little bit of sand or some ice cream won’t ruin your vacation, there are several tips for keeping your car in tip top shape. Here are some tips for keeping your car clean while on a beach trip. 


Trash Bags 

Whether you have dogs, messy kids, or just want to be cautious of a potential mess, having a trash bag is an easy but effective way of getting trash taken care of immediately so messes can’t build up and turn your car into a dumpster. Maybe grab some nicely scented trash bags to keep your car smelling great!


Extra Beach Towels

While bringing a towel to the beach to lay on or dry off with is an easy way to deal with some of the mess, it can’t compensate for all the excess sand and water you’ll be tracking into your car. Brining a few extra towels to lay down on your seat before you take off to your next destination will ensure that your car stays extra clean. 


Portable Vacuum

Would it not be amazing if sand just fell off once you leave the beach? Sadly, sand tends to follow wherever you go. If you’re struggling with a sand problem in your car, pack a small portable vacuum in the car so you can quickly take care of the sand that found its way into your car. To go along with that, keep a small bottle of hand sanitizer in the car to get some of that sticky beach feeling off your hands. 


Beach Chairs

Beach chairs are a necessity for several reasons. While they are more comfortable than laying on the sand, they also keep you from creating a mess. It may be difficult to get young ones to sit in a chair when there are sand castles to be made and water to splash in. Regardless, chairs will decrease the amount of mess you bring back to your car once you leave the beach. 


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