the dangers of driving with a cracked windshield

A cracked windshield is very dangerous. You can drive around with a small pitted spot on the windshield as long as it does not impair your vision, but a major crack can be very harmful. 

Cracked glass can shatter! This will create particles of glass that can blow in the face of drivers and passengers. A cracked rear window or damaged side windows can also shatter and harm passengers or the driver.

Don’t tape cracked or broken windows. The tape will not hold in shards of glass and the window will shatter. Instead, find a local auto glass specialist to repair or replace the glass as soon as possible. 

Accidental Cracks

No one wants to crack a windshield intentionally. A pitted or cracked windshield is usually the result of small stones or rocks hitting the glass. Gravel roads are a major cause of windshield pits and cracks. The window material will allow a small crack without shattering immediately but it will weaken the surrounding area. Small rocks can also pit and crack side windows and the rear window. Rocks and other harmful debris are also found on smooth paved roads. 

Accidents are also a major cause of cracked and broken windshields. Even a fender-bender can result in a cracked windshield based on the impact of the collision. The impact may cause an existing small crack to grow wider and shatter even when there is no major damage to the vehicle.

If your windshield or other windows break in an accident, have them repaired immediately. The insurance should cover this damage if the vehicle is not totaled. 

You may have to drive behind a large truck, motorhome, or construction vehicle that can cause a stray rock or other debris to hit your windshield. Keep your distance from large vehicles when you are in a car, SUV or smaller truck.

Heavy wind storms can whip up dust, gravel, and rocks that can pit and crack windows. Avoid driving in wind storms, especially on unpaved roads.

Hail may be unavoidable. A storm may develop suddenly as you are driving around Greensboro or other Triad areas. Drive slowly and pull over to the side of the road if the storm is too intense. The hail can pit or severely crack your windshield. It can shatter a windshield that has an existing crack. The hail may damage your parked vehicle. Check with your insurance company and have the windows damaged by hailstones repaired as soon as possible.

Take care if you park under a tree. Check out the tree carefully although the shade may be inviting. Branches and other debris can crack windshields. An underground or multi-level parking garage may be a better option to keep your vehicle cooler and safe from damage.

Glass Construction and Installation

Your vehicle should have the best quality safety glass on the windshield and other windows. Poor quality materials will not hold up to the stress of driving and rocks that might hit your window within a second. Check the windshield and all windows when you look at older vehicles for sale.

Taylor Auto Glass repairs and replaces windshields and vehicle windows on cars, trucks, motorhomes and commercial equipment with the most reliable service and materials.

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