A window regulator in a vehicle is the motor that allows you to roll your window up or down with just the touch of a button. Learn all about them on the blog today.

Its hard to believe that summer is almost over. The school year is approaching which means trips back to campus or morning carpools. After a summer of adventure and vacations, your vehicle may need some TLC. Here are a few tips to make sure you’re vehicle is ready for the upcoming school year.

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Automobile technology is advancing more and more each day. The tech-savvy features we appreciate today were only an idea a decade ago. This leaves us wondering what’s in store for us within the next 2, 5, 10 years? Although there are hundreds of ideas, there are 5 we truly see advancing.

All RV owners know summer is the perfect time to hit the road and explore new places. The last thing you anticipate is a cracked windshield while on your trip. No worries! Just as we are taylor’ed to fit your schedule, we’re also taylor’ed to repair any of your auto glass needs, including RV windshield replacement.