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A cracked windshield is very dangerous. You can drive around with a small pitted spot on the windshield as long as it does not impair your vision, but a major crack can be very harmful.

While cracks in your car’s windshield can be a hassle as they can make it more difficult to see properly when driving, it’s inevitable that you will likely deal with a cracked or chipped windshield at some point in your life. While windshields are designed to withstand a great deal of wear and tear, they are still made of glass and can be prone to cracking.

Everyone loves road trips! There are many parts to the journey that makes a road trip great. The right music, engaging games, and awesome travel buddies are essential for an amazing road trip! They say it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. The journey is long though, so what if you get hungry? Your favorite road trip snacks to the rescue!

We’ve discussed how to keep your car organized but what if you lack a trunk? Pickup trucks are becoming increasingly popular. Experts suggest this is due, in part, to changes in design that have made them more family-friendly, resulting in more female pickup owners.

If you’ve caught the travel bug and have chosen to see the country by camping out of your car, truck, or van, you aren’t alone. More people than ever are choosing to camp out their vehicle as a more affordable alternative to staying in hotels or buying or renting an RV. 

Some people don’t mind a long commute–they appreciate the time to themselves to mentally prepare themselves for the day ahead or relax after a long workday. For others, long commutes or work trips are a drag and they’d rather just be at the destination.

Now that fall is upon us, this can mean a mix of weather conditions as summer starts to transition into winter, and you may find yourself using both your car’s air conditioner and heater fairly frequently. If either of these systems is not working at peak performance, this can make for an uncomfortable commute.

Fall is here and this is a good time to take family day trips to several scenic sites in beautiful North Carolina from the Greensboro area.

Moving soon? Most people end up packing their car up with essentials and valuables you don’t want the movers to handle. Check out these tips for packing your car during a move.

Keeping the kids in line when out and about is hard enough, but these accessories will make your life easier and help to keep your car clean, your kids occupied, and your mind at ease while driving.

Planning your next road trip in North Carolina? Make sure your car is up to the task. Follow this checklist to prevent any road trip disasters when it comes to car maintenance.

Between kids, pets, and busy schedules, it’s easy to let your car get messy. Learn to keep it clean and organized with these easy tips!

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