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We’ve discussed how to keep your car organized but what if you lack a trunk? Pickup trucks are becoming increasingly popular. Experts suggest this is due, in part, to changes in design that have made them more family-friendly, resulting in more female pickup owners.

The consequence of these family-friendly designs (larger cab space) is having smaller beds and, thus, less space to hold things in the back. On top of that, research shows that most truck owners purchase trucks for reasons that include:

  • Delivery for small businesses
  • Outdoor activities (camping/surfing)
  • Towing/hauling
  • Home improvement/Contract projects

Regardless of why you are a proud truck owner or what size bed your truck has, it’s sure to become a little disorganized from time to time. Since truck beds don’t come with seat belts and sometimes things “in the back” get slung around, you’ll likely end up having to reorganize it or clean it out several times a week.

Not only can keeping your truck bed neat and organized make it easier for you to access the things in it, but it also helps to ensure the things in the bed of the truck that might fall out and cause serious accidents and injuries.

Before Organizing

Before getting organized, take some time to remove everything and clean the bed first. As you are removing things, have boxes and/or buckets handy to separate different items, from tools to parts to whatever else may be back there, as well as a garbage bag (or can) to toss the junk. This will give you a fresh start.

Get a Toolbox

Although a toolbox might cost you in space, it can save you in costs. There are many types, sizes, and styles of toolboxes to choose from and most will attach securely to your pickup and can lock. This prevents things from rolling around in the back of the truck that can damage the surface and/or fly out of the bed if you’re traversing rugged terrain. Further, with a toolbox, your property is secure from theft because most tool boxes come with locks and protect your tools from weather conditions.

Plus having your tools organized and handy saves you time because you don’t have to go searching through a pile of mismatched metals to find the perfect sized wrench. Also, try to keep truck-related tools (such as lug wrenches, jumper cables, ice-scrapers, etc.) separate from other tools so they’re easy to find and reach.

Truck Bed Extenders

As a toolbox alternative, if you need a way to secure things in the bed of the truck but don’t want to compromise space, a truck bed extender is a great option.

Cargo Bags/Nets

Less expensive and ideal for preventing things from sliding around the bed, cargo bags are suitable for holding things like sports equipment, groceries, or other lightweight items without the bulkiness of toolboxes.

Keep A Routine

It’s easy for things to pile up so make it a goal to assess and organize your truck bed at regular intervals. Organizing your truck bed not only makes it easier for you to access things and be prepared should you need to load up quickly, but it’s also critical for preventing damage, injuries, or theft. 

Keeping your truck organized inside and out makes driving much more comfortable and, more importantly, safe. For windshield, side mirror, and headlight repair for your pickup truck, contact Taylor Auto Glass to get started!

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