Automobile technology is advancing more and more each day. The tech-savvy features we appreciate today were only an idea a decade ago. This leaves us wondering what’s in store for us within the next 2, 5, 10 years? Although there are hundreds of ideas, there are 5 we truly see advancing.

1. Cars That Communicate with Each Other and the Road

A developing technology called Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication, or V2V, is being tested by automotive manufacturers. This technology would greatly reduce the number of wrecks. V2V works by using wireless signals to send information back and forth between cars about their location, speed and direction. The information is then communicated to the cars around it in order to provide information on how to keep the vehicles safe distances from each other.

2. Self-driving Cars

Google’s cars not only record images of the road, but their computerized maps view road signs, find alternative routes and see traffic lights before they’re even visible to a person. By using lasers, radars and cameras, the cars can analyze and process information about their surroundings faster than a human can.

3. Augmented Reality Dashboards

Although many high end cars can show information such as speed on the windshield, future technologies will allow cars to identify objects and display information about them on the windshield. This kind of technology means a GPS system could highlight the actual lane you need to be in and show you where you need to turn without ever having you take your eyes off the road. This kind of technology would not only be really neat, it would keep so many young drivers safe and off their cell phones.

4. Airbags That Help Stop Cars

We’re all aware that airbags are provided inside of our vehicles to protect us, but what if exterior airbags could help stop our cars before we need them to protect our heads and limbs? The bags can detect when impact is inevitable. The airbags would lift the cars off the ground, allowing them to avoid contact with another vehicle altogether.

5. Energy-storing Body Panels

Hybrid cars have become very popular in today’s world, but the batteries for the cars take up space and weigh the cars down. One of the future possibilities for cars are energy storing body panels. The panels would capture energy produced by technologies like regenerative braking or when the car is plugged in overnight and then feed that energy back to the car when it’s needed [source: Volvo]. Not only would this help reduce the size of hybrid batteries, it would eliminate the extra weight.

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