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Does your car get messy quickly with kids, pets, or regular breakfasts on your morning commute? Do find yourself regularly apologizing to your passengers, saying, “Sorry, just gotta move some things around”? We’ve got you covered. Keep your car clean with these fun organization ideas!


1. Cover Your Seats

Seat covers are a great way to protect your seats or even add some style. But they can also help with organization, especially if your seat covers come with pockets!

Covering your seats, even with a sheet or a blanket, can also help catch dog hair, if your dog is a frequent passenger. Simply remove the cover to wash it, or take it out of your car when your passengers are less prone to shedding.

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2. Catch Coins & Crumbs

Does your car have an embarrassing number of fossilized french fries buried beneath the seats? Or could you go on vacation with all the quarters you’ve lost somewhere on the floor?

Use Drop Stop to catch things that would normally fall in between your car seats. It’s great if you’re always dropping your cell phone, too!


3. Keep your cupholders clean

Cup holders get gross and sticky quick. And if you don’t lose your pennies in between your seats, they’re bound to get hopelessly stuck to the bottom of your cupholders.

Use a cupcake wrapper to line the inside of your cup holders and protect them from spills. Using a silicone cupcake wrapper is a perfect reusable / dishwasher-safe solution.


4, 5, & 6 Car Trash Cans

Sometimes simply adding a trash can to your car is the best way to keep it clean. That’s why we’ve got three different trash can hacks you can try:

  • Make your own trash can with a small plastic bag and a cereal storage container.
  • Keep small plastic shopping bags in an empty tissue box so you can grab them as needed.
  • Buy a trash can for your car. They even make some that hang off the back of your seat!


7. Use a hanging shoe organizer

These typically hang in your closet to organize your shoes, but they can just as easily hang behind the front seats of your car. Shoe organizers are perfect for organizing your kid’s favorite car toys, coloring books, or even snacks.

Bonus tip: Use a carabiner clip to attach other objects to the back of your seat!


8. Suction cup window trays

When you can find them, suction cup window trays are a great way to organize small items


9. Use your door compartments

Do your door compartments sit empty while your glove compartment or center console is always full? Put your door compartments to use by storing everyday items like hand sanitizer, wet wipes, and tissues for quick, easy access!


10. Organize your trunk

Use a dollar store shower caddy to store items like oil, antifreeze, and windshield washer fluid. You can also use these containers to organize small tools or other items for your car emergency kit.


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