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The tail lights are one of the most important safety features on your vehicle. They alert other motorists that you are braking, make sure you’re safely visible in dark driving conditions, and some even connect to your turn signals, hazard lights, and have an emergency braking signal. No one wants to get rear-ended, pulled over, or over even given a ticket for tail light issues.


Since your tail lights are on the back of your car, you might not realize when one is burned out or broken right away. Make a habit of checking on your tail lights regularly to ensure you don’t get hit with any sneaky problems that could cause you to get into an accident or get pulled over.


3 reasons to check your taillights:

You’ll be looking out for your safety and the safety of others.

Your taillights are one of the most vital parts of vehicle safety. Your lights warn other drivers that you are slowing down, turning, or reversing, and they increase visibility at night. Each function is imperative for your safety and the safety of others.

You can save money.

Did you know you can be stopped and issued a traffic citation for malfunctioning tail lights? A new bulb only costs a few bucks, but a citation can cost hundreds. Also, if your tail lights are working properly, they can keep you from having an avoidable car accident at your own fault.

It’s easy!

There’s really no good excuse for not checking out your tail lights regularly. Checking to make sure your taillights are working properly can take less than a minute, and it doesn’t even require assistance. Simply back up near a wall, garage door, or another vehicle and make sure both sides light up when you apply the brakes, turn signals, and hazard lights. Turn your vehicle’s lights on, make sure your car is in park, and simply hop out and make sure both tail lights are illuminated.


Making sure your taillights are clean, clear, and bright will help keep you safe out on the road. Partner with Taylor Auto Glass for any auto glass care requirements, from sprucing up your headlights to replacing mirrors, windows, and windshields.

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