Use Your Phone to Save Money on Gas

While gas prices are on the lower scale of what they’ve been in the past, you can never be too careful when it comes to saving gas. Did you know Americans spend between $1000-3000 just on gas every year! That’s crazy! Just think what you could buy if you could save some of that money. Trico Windshield Wiper Blades for your car or even an Aquapel treatment!

So, how can you save money? We recently published a post on how to save gas while driving, so now we’re going to show you how to take advantage of 21st century technology to save money each time you fill up!

This is an android phone app that is free. It’s also one of the oldest apps that helps you save money on gas! How does it do it? It gives you a detailed report of your gas usage and can also predict gas costs with its fuel calculator. There’s also a premium version of the app that has a few more features and is ad-free.
Gas Buddy

This app can be found on iOs, Android, and on the web and it’s free! This app will find the gas station charging the least for gas in your area. That way you don’t have to drive around while you decide which station is cheaper! Just look on your phone and head over to the cheapest gas station in the area. Users update the database for the app, so if you can, report your local gas prices to help others find the cheapest gas too!
AAA TripTik

Are you taking a road trip or vacation soon that you’re worried about because of gas? Before you leave, plan out your route on the AAA TripTik app (you don’t have to have a AAA membership to use the free app). The app allows you to map out your traveling distance, plan where to stop for gas or to charge up your electric car, and you can also use it to find hotels, restaurants, pharmacies, etc.

If you are a AAA member, then you can also use the app to get roadside assistance help requests, battery replacement quotes, and more! So not only can it save you on gas, but it can also save you on other repairs.
Gas Manager

This is another app that will track your gas consumption, price, and mile per dollar. It also helps you track your car’s carbon footprint! A couple extra bonus features include: geolocation to help you remember where you parked you car, the ability to search for nearby gas stations and nearby mechanics!

Do you use a different app to save money on gas? Tell us in the comments!

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