Yes, gas prices are back in the $1.00-2.00 range, but that doesn’t mean you should start wasting what you’ve got! We’ve put together a list of some of the best ways to save gas so you can make the most of the lower gas prices. Some require self-control, but if it saves you money, it’s a small sacrifice, right?


  1. Don’t idle your car for too long. When you stop the excessive idling of your car, you could save 19% on fuel consumption!
  2. Drive at a steady pace. Anytime you slow down or speed up, you’re wasting gas. This also means, don’t ride up on the person in front of you! It’s just safer if you don’t, but it can also lead to a lot of slowing down and speeding up.
  3. Do your best to pick up speed before you reach a hill and maintaining a steady pace going up. When you accelerate up a hill you’ll use a lot of your fuel. It’s best to plan ahead, pick up speed before you reach the hill, and then coast down the other side.
  4. This may be obvious, but try not to rev your engine. Yeah, it sounds cool sometimes, but it will waste your fuel and even wear out the cylinders! It’s cooler when your car is working properly.
  5. Driving the speed limit is better for your gas efficiency. Once you go over 40 mph, your car has to overcome the wind resistance. Don’t drive faster than that if it’s not necessary!
  6. When you’re on the highway, pass the car in front of you as soon as you notice that you’re overtaking them. If you wait, you’ll have to slow down and accelerate again. Bad for gas mileage!
  7. Avoid driving during rush hour or other high-traffic times. This leads to a lot of stop and go, which uses more gas. If you can, just wait a half-hour after peak traffic times and you’ll usually miss most of the stop and go traffic.
  8. Sometimes you can use public transportation, or apps like Uber or Lyft, to save your own gas if you’re not going far or plan to go somewhere with little parking.
  9. Avoid driving on gravel or dirt roads as much as possible, they can cost you 30% of your gas mileage–yikes!
  10. Only use snow tires in Winter, when they’re necessary. The deep tire treads can really cost you extra fuel, so only use them when you have to!

What do you think of our list of gas saving tips?
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