Protect your windshield from hail

It’s summertime and the livin’ is easy – except when those mid-afternoon summer storms plow through and leave behind a sprinkling of hail and dents in your car. You’ve all heard of hail the size of a golfball, right? Just imagine what a hefty chunk of ice is capable of doing to your windshield or windows… It’s not a happy thought, that’s for sure! While we’d love to do business with you, we don’t want to under those circumstances. So today we’re sharing a few tips for protecting your car from hail and preventing unexpected expenses!

Protecting Your Car From Hail

First, downloading an app on your phone that alerts you about upcoming severe weather will help you prepare your vehicle for any potential storms. When you get an alert, immediately look for cover. You could swing into the nearest parking garage or, if you’re close to home, go back to the safety of your garage and wait until the storm has passed before running your errands.

Cover your car to protect it from summer hail

If you don’t have access to a cover for your car, then find a way to reduce the damage:

Cover your car

If you’re at home when a summer storm is brewing, you can grab any thick blankets or towels you have and cover your car with them. Layering the blankets, comforters, and towels will give your car extra protection.

If you like to prepare ahead of time, purchase a car cover for your vehicle. It’s an investment but it will prevent unexpected expenses when a large piece of hail smacks into your windshield and leaves a star-shaped crack behind.

Manufacturers make these car covers with anti-hail technology and they come in different styles.

  • The American car cover is an air bag the size of your car that inflates in less than five minutes and you can fold back up when you’re done using it.
  • The Slovenian car cover is a double-plated aluminum umbrella which stretches over your car in less than a minute.
  • Hail Blankets are a 4-layer cover for your vehicle with a durable polypropylene outer later which can withstand harder strikes. Each layer below gets progressively softer to prevent any damage to your vehicle.

If you’re caught out and about during a hailstorm without a hail blanket or car cover in your car with no shelter in sight, grab the floor mats and put them over your car’s windshield, hood, and roof. Always put your safety first! If the hail storm brings strong winds with it, it may be difficult to keep them in place. But if it saves you from glass or paint damage, it’s worth it!

Don’t let hail hurt your car! The best way of preventing hail damage to your vehicle is planning ahead and investing in a cover for your car. What are your best tips for protecting a car from torrential summer storms?

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