Last week we discussed preparing your vehicle for Summer vacation.  If you haven’t read this post yet, you can read it here.  So this week, we are discussing travel safety for your pet!

Keep these tips in mind when traveling with your pet:

  1. Pay attention to the angle of the sun while driving.  Just as you can feel the heat through the windows, they can too.  Move pets to shady areas of the car or near an air conditioning vent to keep cool.  As humans we get hot in the car with the sun beating down, imagine how we would feel wearing a fur coat too!
  2. When taking rest breaks, be sure to give your pet ample time to stretch their legs, do their business and drink PLENTY of water to keep them hydrated.
  3. NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES Pets in Vehiclesleave your pet alone in the car.  We’ve all heard the facts about how quickly a car heats up with the windows rolled up in the Summer heat.  However, we recently learned that even with the windows cracked, the car temperature can rise just as quickly.
  4. There is nothing cuter than a dog hanging his head out the window and loving life while the air whips through his fur.  Unfortunately, this is extremely dangerous for Fido too.  Dirt and debris can cause serious injuries to his eyes, ears and mouth ~ but imagine if the poor pup fell out of the car too.
  5. In actuality, a dog hanging his head out the window shouldn’t even be Dollarphotoclub_9931196 (1)an option, when following the recommended guideline that animals should always travel in a properly secured animal carrier.  As tempting as it may be to let your pet sleep in your lap while traveling, you are placing your pet and yourself at great risk.  In an accident, the animal is more likely to be injured by the air bag and being able to fly free.  Not to mention if Fido slips under foot he could be the actual cause of an accident.
  6. Be sure your pet has an appropriately fitted collar with the correct Dollarphotoclub_558248 (1)contact information.  In strange places, a pet may panic and get away from you even when you don’t think he will.  Always make sure that a good samaritan can easily get him back to you safely!

What other tips would you add to this list??

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