Whether it’s a flat tire, harsh weather, or mechanical issues that derail your travels, always be prepared by packing your own car emergency kit before hitting the road. Get started with the basics:

For the car

Jumper cables

Keeping jumper cables handy ensures you’ll be able to get a jumpstart without relying on someone else to be more prepared than you were.

Replacement fuses

Faulty fuses are a common cause of car troubles. Breathe easier knowing you’ve got backup.


Make sure your fire-extinguisher is rated for Class B (caused by flammable or combustible liquids) and Class C fires (caused by energized electrical systems) by the National Fire Protection Association.


To help you change a flat or find your way in the middle of the night.

Cat litter

Weird? A little. Useful? A lot. If you’re stuck in wet conditions, cat litter provides the traction to get you unstuck.

Flat tire inflator and sealant

Patching up a tire that’s low on air is less hassle than swapping it out for a spare. Keep in mind, you won’t get too far with this quick fix.

Spare tire and tools

For when the quick-fix mentioned above doesn’t work (it happens).


If you find your fluid levels are low, keep things running smoothly until you get to a mechanic.

Multipurpose tool

Camping, household repairs, car maintenance, self-defense…there’s really no reason not to invest in a good multipurpose tool to keep on hand.

Duct tape

Because everyone has fixed something with duct tape at least once in their life. If you end up using it to “fix” a mirror or broken window, give us a call for proper replacement .

For you

Phone charger

Always keep your phone plugged in and fully charged on the road. It’s much harder to call for help if it’s dead…

Blankets and/or towels

For chilly nights or changing a tire in muddy conditions.

Rain jacket

Choose the weight of your coat based on the season and weather in your area.

Sneakers or boots

If you end up walking for help or stuck in muddy conditions, you won’t want to do it in flip-flops.

Bottled water

For rinsing, washing, or drinking.

Non-perishable snacks

You’ll thank yourself if you’re ever stranded in the middle of nowhere.

First aid kit

From minor bumps and scratches to more serious injuries, be ready for them.

Toiletries bag

Soap, prescription medications, wipes, etc. You know what you need to be comfortable and prepared.

Backup phone battery pack

For when you forget to plug your phone in and you car battery dies.

Paper towels and/or toilet paper

You will be so grateful you thought ahead on this one. Trust us.

Add to or modify your emergency car kit to best fit your needs and lifestyle.

How much you want to keep in your car is up to you, but wouldn’t you rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it?

What are your favorite essentials to always keep on hand?

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