Windshield Wiper Blade Problems

Windshield Wiper Blade Problems…

Put yourself in my shoes…

I only work in foul weather, you push me to the edge of my abilities, and I’m still not good enough.

I wipe, wipe, wipe rain, sleet, snow, bird poo… my job isn’t exactly glamorous.

Imagine your primary function is cleaning bug guts off of a windshield while flying down the highway at high speeds.

With that, you have some small idea of my life and my misery. I’m your windshield wiper blades and I deserve respect.

How long do you expect me to work in this gloomy weather? Honestly, should you even be driving in it? I’m moving as quickly as I can and you still aren’t happy. We have to work together. So I say, ask not what your windshield wipers can do for you but what you can do for your windshield wipers.

Windshield Wiper Blade Problems

Here are five ways that you can make me happier:

  1. Scrape off your windshield! I can’t handle snow and ice.

Step away from the metal spatula. Do not come near me with that thing! If the windshield is covered in ice, you need to be patient. Turn on the heat and wait it out. If you’re expecting ice, buy a commercial de-ice solution that won’t damage your windshield. Use a squeegee or a soft brush to scrape the snow and ice away.


  1. Buy some windshield washer fluid, for the love of glass!

You wouldn’t wash the windows in your house without window cleaner. How do you expect me to wash your windshield without it? If you want streaks and scratches on your windshield then, by all means, leave that reservoir dry. If you prefer a clean, clear, and sparkly windshield… help me out. If you want to further protect me, try the Aquapel Treatment. It actually repels rain! This stuff is so good and it makes my job so much easier. You can read more about the Aquapel Treatment here. *hint hint*


  1. Driving in heavy weather is dangerous for us both!

Let me remind you that I’m not fully equipped to wipe an avalanche off of your car. You are probably not fully equipped to handle driving through an avalanche. Why risk it? I really don’t want to experience a car crash today. Stay off the roads if the weather is overwhelming.

Windshield Wiper Blade Problems
  1. Clean. Your. Vehicle.

I’ll bet you didn’t know that I have allergies. No, you didn’t, because you only worry about yourself. That pollen is really killing me and it would be lovely if you’d give your vehicle a run through the car wash. If you let pollen or dirt build up, it can be quite difficult to get off. Don’t throw all of that responsibility on me.


  1. Just replace me, already!

You’re going to be very upset when I start carving glass rainbows into the windshield. I only live for a year, at most, so please replace me! Taylor Auto Glass offers quick and easy replacement of windshield wipers. They only use Trico blade technology – a nice upgrade from those old, tired blades. I promise that I won’t be upset if you retire me. If you’re feeling sentimental, you could turn me into a cute little wind chime or something.

Be kind to me. I work at your command to keep your driving visibility at its maximum potential. I wipe off the coffee that you accidentally left on the roof of the car. I wipe off the cat’s paw prints and the bird poop. I’d even get rid of the evidence that you just murdered a butterfly. I’ve got your back. Please have mine.

Do you need your windshield wiper blades replaced quickly, easily and right? Give Taylor Glass Auto a call today or come by to get new Trico Wiper Blades!

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