We spend a lot of time talking about windshield replacement, windshield damage prevention, windshield restoration, windshield weatherproofing and even windshield wipers. Windshields, windshields, windshields. We know your car is more than a sheet of glass, and we want you to know we’re more than a one trick pony. This week, let’s take a break from windshields and spotlight (no pun intended) the helpful articles on our blog that have to do with your headlights.


Protect the bulbs

First and foremost is headlight protection. The best way to save money on headlight damage repair? Avoid it! In this article, we give some practical tips that will save you money and help keep you safe. From tips about parking in crowded areas to how the sun can affect your headlights, we cover it all.


A little maintenance goes a long way

We’ve found that being informed on the why often helps some of these tips stick, so we wrote a little piece about the importance of headlight maintenance. We cover different headlight types, and why it’s so important to not let your headlights be a neglected portion of your regular vehicle maintenance!



Look, it happens. We understand some of these tips and tricks may be new to you and we get that it might just be too late for your headlights. That’s where we come in. If you aren’t sure whether or not your believe your headlights need restoring, we (and the NCDOT) believe restoration is vital for your safety.


An at-home fix

Finally, here are some simple, at-home tips that we gift to you about how to do some restoration yourself: a quick fix on cloudy headlights that can be done at home. It’s important to note that a full restoration can be hazardous and, if done incorrectly, can damage your vehicle. Don’t neglect to keep your headlights maintained, but let us handle the tough jobs.  

If you have any more questions about your headlights, give our experts a call at (336) 851-1380.

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