You may have been heading to work this morning, or perhaps heading out to do the weekly shopping, before noticing that your car headlights are discolored or scratched. Or maybe your car headlights don’t appear to be as bright as they once were.

If you find yourself confronted with any of these issues, it’s important that you handle them right away to avoid hindering your ability to drive safely. If your headlights are discolored, cloudy or badly scratched, you run the risk of becoming less visible to other drivers during night time driving or in poor weather conditions. One great method to rid yourself of headlight hassles is to restore them.

What is vehicle headlight restoration?

Vehicle headlight restoration is a simple process that involves cleaning, sanding and polishing your vehicle’s headlights in order to remove pollution or debris while maintaining their condition for many more years to come. During the headlight restoration process, a high-quality, clear protective coating is carefully applied to the headlight to make the light appear just like new. By hiring a professional to perform the restoration, you will be able to restore the headlight to its original lighting performance, while also enhancing its overall cosmetic appearance.

Why are my headlights foggy and discolored anyway?IMG_4760

The headlights found on most vehicles are often made from polycarbonate, which can be significantly far more vulnerable to environmental factors and road debris than other traditional materials such as glass. There are many  factors that contribute to the discoloration and  oxidation of the protective coating that is found inside your vehicle’s headlights. The most common hazards that can affect your headlights are small insects, road debris, cleaning chemicals, acid rain, humidity and sunlight.

Is it safe to drive with cloudy headlights?

The simple answer is, NO. The discoloration and oxidation of your vehicle’s headlights can significantly lower their capability to project light.  This light reduction will decrease visibility during nighttime driving, which can become an incredibly serious danger and hazard not only to yourself but other drivers. In severe cases, oxidation and discoloration of a headlight can ruin the headlights original protective coating before causing unwanted damage to the lens surface.

The NC DOT also feels strongly about the safety factors of good quality headlights.  A vehicle will not pass annual inspection if “Any lens is cracked, broken, discolored, missing, or rotated away from the proper position, or any reflector is not clean and bright.”

An added benefit of headlight restoration

Headlight restoration is also a great way to significantly improve the aesthetic attraction and physical appearance of your vehicle.  And who doesn’t want their car look it’s best?

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