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Keeping your car organized can seem impossible at times. Between work, kids, and pets, the last thing you want to do is spend hours getting your car perfectly clean. We’ve put together some of our favorite life hacks to keep your car clean and organized.

Easy Car Organization Hacks

1. Use a shower wall organizer to keep your kid’s essentials within reach. The suction cups attach easily to car windows.

2. Invest in a seat cover to catch dog hair. A simple seat cover that will attach to your back seat will cost about $15-20, and most are machine washable. They’re great for keeping your car clean when you’re driving home from a messy romp in the dog park!

Car Organization Hacks Dog Seat Cover

3. Use clear ziploc or plastic zipper bags to create easy grab-n-go travel packs. Store books and activities for long trips with the kids, non-perishable snacks, or create a simple first aid kit that slides easily into a seat pocket.

4. Not enough cup holders? Use a muffin tray placed at the bottom of a laundry basket or a large tupperware bin to hold drinks in place and catch any potential spills.

5. Instead of struggling to clean those hard-to-reach angles at the bottom of your car’s cup holder, place a silicon muffin cup at the bottom. When it’s time to clean the car, they pull up easily and can be placed in the dishwasher.

6. Is your car’s glove box a mess of important papers? Instead of wasting time trying to find what you need, use an expandable tabbed folder to store important documents such as your car’s title and registration, repair and maintenance receipts, maps and emergency numbers, and an extra copy of your insurance information.

7. Prevent messy and potentially dangerous spills by storing your oil and other fluids, such as antifreeze, in a shower caddy to keep them upright and organized.

8. A tupperware cereal container makes the perfect car trash can due to its narrow shape and closable lid. Line it with a plastic grocery bag for easy cleanup.

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