bug infestations in car

Bug infestations! Ants, spiders, cockroaches, and even bedbugs…it’s never fun to learn that your car has become home to insects.

Bugs in your car are a nuisance and a distraction while you’re driving. Ants can even cause damage to your car’s electrical systems by chewing through the wires in search of food or nesting materials.

Getting rid of a bug infestation in your car can be challenging, especially in the summer months. Baits and fog bombs designed for the particular infestation are usually necessary. Thankfully it’s easy to prevent bug infestations in your car. We’ve listed some simple steps below.

bug infestations in car

Bug Infestations: Steps for Prevention

  • Keep your car clean. Remove any trash, especially food and empty containers such as drink cans, bottles, and wrappers. If you keep snacks in your car, make sure they are locked in an airtight container.
  • Vacuum your car regularly, including all seats and floor mats.
  • Make sure you don’t have bedbugs in your house. You could be transferring them from your home to your car—or vice versa.
  • Wash all seat covers regularly, especially if you have seat covers for your pet.
  • If possible, avoid parking near trees or on top of dirt or grass. Many insects end up in your car by chance during their search for food, so parking away from their usual foraging grounds will keep them out of your car.

If you’re trying to remove ants, bedbugs, or other small insects from your car, try sprinkling some food grade diatomaceous earth on the floor and seats of your car and leave it overnight. The super-fine powder will kill most insects, but is safe and even edible to humans and pets. Vacuum the diatomaceous earth (and the dead bugs) from your car the morning.

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