Usually, the telltale sign you need your windshield replaced is a large crack splintering through the glass. Sometimes, even chips can mean a windshield replacement is necessary. We’ve talked in the past about some ways to tell whether your windshield should be repaired or replaced. Today’s question is, are there times when you can’t see any damage, but your windshield might need to be replaced anyway?

The answer is yes. There is one major instance in which your windshield integrity may be compromised by an invisible issue.

If you’ve had a new windshield installed in the past, and the shop you visited provided questionable service, you should investigate and look into having your windshield replaced by a more trustworthy shop. The hidden damage to your windshield from a botched replacement can cause major issues that can endanger your life.

A poorly installed windshield can cause irritating issues like rusting and leakage. But the biggest concern is that your windshield is a major part of your car’s structural integrity. Without the support of your windshield, you’re more susceptible to being ejected from your car in a collision. Your car will crumple much more easily on impact, which can cause injury to you and your passengers. Even if no one is hurt in the accident, your post-crash repairs will be significantly more expensive than they would be if you had a stable windshield.

Let’s say you have had a windshield replacement since purchasing your car. You may be frantically asking, “If I can’t see the damage, how can I possibly know if my windshield wasn’t installed properly?!

Try not to worry too much. Most auto repair shops in the United States are licensed and knowledgeable, always doing their best job on such a crucial installation. That being said, there are certain red flags to look out for when you have your windshield replaced.

Here are 3 warning signs your windshield may not have been installed properly

  • They let you leave right away:

Your sealant needs time to settle, which takes an hour at the very least. Driving off immediately can lead to gaps in the sealant holding your windshield together.


  • Visible sealant inside your car:

Your tech should be able to do a neat job on your windshield. If it was rushed, there may be visible sealant inside your car. This doesn’t necessarily mean there is underlying damage, but it does mean your repair person didn’t take their time to do the job right.

  • Suspiciously low price:

While there are wildly different prices for a replacement based on the make and model of your car, anything under about $100 is a warning that your replacement shop may have been illegitimate.

When it comes time for an auto glass repair or replacement, rely on a specialty shop who you can trust to do the installation right. Contact Taylor Auto Glass for a quote today!

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