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You’re late to work and you can’t find your car keys anywhere. Don’t you wish you’d hidden a spare somewhere safe and easy to find? Here are the best places to hide a car key. (Hint: not under your front door mat!)


With someone you trust

Perhaps the best place to hide a key is with someone you trust. Keep your spare key with your spouse or with a responsible neighbor.

The only disadvantage is it can take some time to retrieve your key if you’re in a hurry—when your spouse is at work 30 minutes away, for example, or your neighbors are on vacation. Still, hiding your car key with someone you trust may be the best long-term solution!


Under your car

Using a magnetic box or key holder has become a popular strategy for hiding a spare car key. However, you should still be careful where you hide it. Make sure it won’t be easily knocked off on the road, and make sure it isn’t easy for someone else to find. For extra security, try to find a magnetic lock box (possibly one with a combination code so you don’t have to keep track of another key!)


Behind your license plate

Some magnetic key holders may be small enough to fit behind your license plate. Alternatively, some license plate frames may have a space to hide a spare key. If not, you could always duct tape your key to the back of your license plate. Just make sure you check regularly to make sure it’s still there!


In a bag or purse

If you’re used to keeping your keys in your pocket or attached to a belt loop with a carabiner, it might be good to keep a spare key with you in a bag or purse. This way, if you can’t find your main key, you should have another easily accessible.

This may be a good option if you have a larger key fob. However, you may be at a disadvantage if you’re looking to store your bag or purse in your car but your key fob prevents you from locking your keys in your car!


By your front door

Do you have a place to hang your keys by the front door of your home? If so, consider hanging your spare car key there. This makes it easy for any family members who may need access to it, and it’s easy to spot if it goes missing.

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