Your vehicles windshield isn’t just there to protect you from road debris or provide you with a nice clear view. Of course, these are fundamental aspects of a windshield but nevertheless, they also come with a wide variety of advanced windshield features.

All windshields are not manufactured the same, and we’re not just talking just about the size or shape of a windshield. The primary purpose of your vehicles windshield is to act as structural support for your vehicle’s roof and to protect you and your passengers from the elements. But there are also additional, advanced features which can be added to your windshield to dramatically increase its usefulness.

Rain and Light Sensor

A rain and light sensor typically comes in the form of a small gel pack that is securely, yet gently adhered to your windshield.  It is often located beside your rear view mirror or on the lower right hand side of your vehicle’s windshield. You will know if your windshield has a rain and light sensor because when it begins to rain, your vehicle’s wipers will automatically turn on, as will your lights when it becomes dark.

Heated Wiper Grid Area

A heated wiper grid area can often be spotted underneath the area where your windshield wipers sit. When in use, this area provides heat to the area of the windshield where the wipers rest in an idle position.  The heat will melt ice and snow on the wiper blades allowing them to function properly.

Third Visor

A third visor is a form of black shading on your windshield that is located behind your rear view mirror. It’s primary purpose is to help prevent sun shining into your eyes.

Shade Band

A shade band is similar to a third visor. It’s main purpose is to keep the sun out of your eyes. It comes as a tinted band (available in many colours such as bronze, grey, green and blue) which runs along the top part of your windshield.

Acoustic Interlayer

Acoustic windshields are fashioned from a layer of sound-absorbent vinyl which is sandwiched between two robust sheets of glass. Acoustic windshields are able to significantly help reduce noise levels up to 6dB between 1500Hz and 5000Hz.

Heads Up Display (HUD)

Some vehicles are able to project information on to your windshield (such as navigation instructions, temperature and the speed you are travelling). It is designed in order for the driver to be able to keep their eyes on the road while still having access to important information about the vehicle.

Privacy Glass

Privacy glass is able to provide additional privacy when you and your passengers are inside your vehicle. Not only do they add additional levels of privacy but they can also help to dissipate the heat outside, which makes your vehicle’s interior far cooler.

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