Show of hands – who has a smartphone??  Yep.  At least 3 out of 4 people.  We love them for social media and playing games, but sometimes it is easy to forget that there are some great apps available for our phones that can make life much easier.  Here are 3 free apps for you to try…


Waze is a navigation app like Google Maps, but it is so much more!  Waze allows users (called Wazers) to map their routes, but then also interact with other Wazers along their drive.  There is a community of individuals who are dedicated to Waze and provide feedback for any traffic problems, speed traps, construction zones or areas of concern along the roads.  And it’s not just for major highways.  Waze works just as well on the backroads.  As a matter of fact, one of its best features is the ability to reroute you quickly to avoid serious traffic congestion.  Twice Waze has kept me from multiple hour delays by diverting me to the backroads. Trust it, it works!

Note:  It’s also fun to be an active Wazer and provide feedback to the community.  Just let your passenger be in charge of this part.

Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy tracks local gas prices by grade which allows you to find the least expensive gas nearby.  After all, with the price of absolutely everything going up these days, saving a few bucks is always welcome!

Mile IQ

Mile IQ is a mileage tracker that makes being IRS compliant for driving deductions a breeze.  The app automatically tracks mileage and routes for your business travels, but it can sync with iCloud and store photos of your receipts.  My guess is that accountants would be much happier in tax season if everyone used an app like Mile IQ!

What other automotive apps do you use??

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