While surfing the web, we ran across some wacky stories of how windshields were broken so we decided to share a few with you!

Disclaimer:  No serious injuries were sustained in these windshield breaks.

Sticks and stones can break more than bones!

While driving down an interstate in Portland, Oregon, the driver of this semi was greeted with a limb that was thrown at the vehicle from a wind gust.  

Source:  http://www.suntecautoglass.com/news/?currentPage=62

Peter, Peter pumpkin thrower?

While driving through Oklahoma, the driver of this semi truck had a pumpkin that was thrown from an overpass land on his windshield, then on his lap!  Fortunately he sustained no injuries, but I’m sure a pumpkin was the last thing he expected to land in his lap!

Source:  http://www.newson6.com/story/13436370/pumpkin-tossed-from-overpass-damages-truck-on-creek-turnpike

We often talk of pigs flying, but trailer hitches?

I’ve noticed a theme in the Northwest, as this image is from Washington state.  This poor windshield met the demise of a flying trailer hitch!

Source:  http://www.komonews.com/news/local/Trailer-hitch-smashes-through-truck-drivers-windshield-on-I-5-169321776.html

MUD happens!

Who knew mud had the force to do so much damage??  Guaranteed the driver of this truck knows its full potential.  While driving down the road, another truck entered the median and the mud spray caused this damage.

Source:  http://www.livetrucking.com/out-of-control-rig-sends-mud-flying-onto-oncoming-semi-shatters-windshield/

And apparently SH$T happens too!

This vehicle was damaged in Huntsville, Alabama when portable potties started falling off the back of a truck!

Source:  http://whnt.com/2013/05/30/port-o-pottys-fall-off-truck-on-parkway-one-hits-a-car/

Now it’s your turn ~ what crazy stories do you have to share of how your windshield was broken?? 

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