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Why Do My Windshield Wipers Squeak Across My Windshield?

When you’re driving down the road on a fairly rainy day, do you still notice your windshield wipers squea-a-ak across your windshield, even when there’s plenty of rain to push off? There are a few reasons you’ll hear your windshield wipers do that and you should always fix the problem. A squeak isn’t good for your windshield wiper blades or for the windshield itself!

1. Your windshield wipers may squeak if they have an accumulation of dirt on them. They’re made to wipe glass so any dirt or dust that sticks to the blades prevent them from running smoothly over the windshield. Not only will you hear those irritating squeaks, but you’ll also start to see the damage on your windshield auto glass.

2. If you’re wiper assembly is not installed properly, like it’s not positioned to prevent airflow between the windshield and windshield wiper blades, then you could hear a squeak.

3. Either over or under usage can cause the windshield wiper blades to become brittle, which can lead to a squeaking noise across the windshield.

4. And finally, your windshield wiper blades could have a defect from the manufacturer that led to a squeaking noise.

How to Make Windshield Squeak Stop!

It’s difficult to identify the exact cause of the problem, but what you really want to know is: HOW DO I MAKE IT STOP?!


Clean your windshield wipers

The best ways to prevent a windshield wiper squeak is to regularly wipe your windshield wiper blades down with vinegar to prevent dust accumulation or other contamination. Just dip a cotton cloth in vinegar and give it a once-over.

You can also use baking soda mixed with water to clean your windshield wipers.

Replace your wiper blade refills.

Roughly once a year, particularly in the Spring/Summer when it’s really rainy, you should change your wiper blade refills. It’s inexpensive maintenance and helps prevent irritating squeaks!

Keep your wiper blades soft.

Your windshield wipers shouldn’t be too moist or too dry – either way they can get damaged. To keep your wipers soft, you can clean the blades with Rubbing Alcohol.

Change your entire windshield wiper blade assembly.

If you notice that the rubber on your windshield wiper blades look tattered, it’s time to change them! Use over time can cause the rubber to lose it’s shape and it will no longer contour to the shape of your windshield. Which can lead to squeaks. Also, as your wipers age, you should replace your entire wiper assembly. The older it gets, the harder it is to keep it in the right position that prevents airflow.

If those wiper blades have been squeaking, stop in to see us! We can set you up with a set of new Trico Wiper Blades and inspect your windshield for any possible damage.

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