Why You Should Use Trico Blades featured

Back in March of this year, we published a blog post on why you should use Trico windshield wiper blades. If you’re waiting for your windshield wipers to break before you replace them, you shouldn’t! Waiting too long to fix your windshield wipers could damage your windshield and could also compromise your visibility!

Taylor Auto Glass can help you replace those wiper blades quickly with high quality Trico Blades.  Why Trico? Easy, they’re affordable, high quality, and the innovative design allows the entire wiper to flex with the shape of your windshield.

Drop by the NEW shop today to check out our new digs and we’ll have your new blades installed in no time!


Revisit our previous post, Why Use Trico Wiper Blades,
to get more details on why Trico Blades are better!

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