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Removing Hard Water Spots

You probably found this article because you’ve noticed some hard water stains on your vehicle’s auto glass and are wondering either A) Where did those come from!? or B) How do I get rid of them?! Or maybe even both. Well you’ve come to the right place. Taylor Auto Glass has all the answers!

These hard water spots are often caused by minerals like magnesium and calcium in your water, as well as chemicals that leave limescale and other mineral deposits. Those water spots are basically a mixture of water, soap, acid rain, and other mineral deposits like sodium that are left over.

And because these hard water spots are composed of leftover minerals that didn’t come off with the water, you can probably guess that they’re hard to clean off your auto glass!

But don’t worry, we have a few tried and true tips to help rid you of those hard water spots!

Vinegar to Remove Hard Water Spots


Vinegar can eat those hard water spots right up because it’s so acidic. The deposits that are left on your auto glass from water and other chemicals are alkali, so you’re going to need an acid to remove it. Fill a spray bottle with white distilled vinegar. You may need a higher concentration of vinegar, so adjust your water-to-vinegar ratio based on how severe the hard water spots are on your auto glass.

Lemon Remove Hard Water Spots

Lemon Juice

You can also try using lemon juice because it has the same acidic properties. If you do try this method, it’s better to use fresh lemon juice as opposed to bottled. Squeeze out the lemon juice and add it to a spray bottle and apply it to your windshield with a towel. Or you can just rub the lemon itself on the glass.

Citrus Essential Oils Remove Hard Water Spots

Lemon or Orange Essential Oils

As essential oils are gaining popularity, some lemon or orange essential oils may be easier to find and can help remove hard water spots on your auto glass. They can also prevent future hard water deposit buildups on your windshield and windows. Mix a few drops of the essential oils with water, then apply the solution to your windshield using a sponge or soft towel. Allow it to soak and then remove it with a traditional glass cleaner.

Toothpaste Remove Hard Water Spots


You can also use a solution of water and toothpaste. Definitely don’t skimp on the water! It will make the mixture easier to spread and helps you save your toothpaste! Apply the paste to your auto glass, allow it to sit, and then clean off with water. After this method, you should also clean your auto glass with a traditional glass cleaner and dry it thoroughly.
You can also find products made specifically to remove hard water spots and buildup. Nothing beats a natural, DIY fix like those mentioned above, but you can also find cleaners made specifically for cleaning hard water spots off your auto glass, if you prefer.

A few ways to prevent hard water spots from building up on your windshield:

  • Treat your water spots quickly to avoid buildup
  • Remove resting water from your windshield and windows
  • Park your vehicle in a covered area to avoid your auto glass from getting wet
  • Treat your windshield with a water repellant like Aquapel (Learn more HERE)

Do you have any other tips for removing hard water spots
from your windshield or windows? Leave them in the comments!

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