Why You Need To Maintain Your Headlights feature

Why You Need To Maintain Your Headlights

First of all, when you think of maintaining your headlights, you should check that both are working. You can typically tell when one has gone out when you turn them on in the dark. Your line of sight will be significantly smaller on one side when a headlight bulb has burnt out or been damaged.

If they’re both working but the lights are dim, you may need to restore your headlights. We offer headlight restoration which rids your headlights of debri and the foggy discoloration that happens over time. If you’ve noticed that your headlights look discolored and foggy, call or contact Taylor Auto Glass today so you’re not driving around with limited vision at night.

If one of your headlights is burnt out or damaged, you should fix it immediately. It’s extremely dangerous to drive at night with a headlight burnt out or damaged. At night, when you only see one headlight you think of a motorcycle or scooter. Depending on the speed you may think it’s a pedestrian with a flashlight. It’s not safe to drive with a headlight damaged.

In case you need to replace a bulb in one of your headlights, it’s good to know that there are two different types of headlights: sealed-beam and composite.

Sealed-beam headlights are a complete unit that doesn’t come apart.

Composite headlights have a bulb that is separate from the headlight component to make it easier to replace it.

Neither is more safe than the other, but a composite headlight makes it easier to change the burnt bulb without having to replace the entire headlight component, like you have to do with sealed-beam headlights.

Also, whether you replace the bulbs in your headlights yourself or if you take it to a shop for that, always make sure your headlights are properly adjusted. It’s just as dangerous to drive with unadjusted headlights as it is to drive without one headlight.

The lights must be adjusted to point in just the right direction that they overlap, so you can still see directly in front of you in the car at night, but they must also be angled so that you can see the shoulder of the road.

And if you need headlight restoration services, you can call Taylor Auto Glass and we’ll come straight to you!

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