Up-close shot of a black car’s passenger-side headlight.

The lights on our cars endure regular wear and tear just like any other part of our vehicle. Functional lights ensure that you have greater visibility at night, alert other drivers of your intention to turn or brake, and help you remain clearly visible to other drivers when driving in inclement weather conditions. 

Caring for your vehicle’s lights:

Just like your vehicle’s tires or windshield wipers, your headlights and taillights require routine care and maintenance to ensure proper working condition. Here are a few tips: 


  • Keep headlights, tail lights and signal lights clean. Grime and debris build-up can dim your lights and decrease your visibility on the road.
  • Make sure your headlights are aligned properly. Offset headlights can be distracting and even blinding to other drivers. 
  • Double-check your owner’s manual to make sure that you’re regularly and appropriately replacing your headlights and getting the most out of one of your car’s most important safety features.

Checking headlights:

To make sure your headlights are aligned and working properly, park your car on an uneven surface in the dark and turn on your headlights. Toggle between your standard lights and your brights, and be sure that they appear even on both sides. 


Pro-tip: do the same thing with your fog lights (if your car has them). Turn off your headlights and check just your fog lights. You may need to hop out of the car and check these from a different angle since they are much dimmer than your regular headlights. 


If one bulb is significantly dimmer than the other, it’s best to go ahead and replace your lights on both sides. If one is close to burning out, the other is likely to follow. 


(Another) Pro-tip: If your car uses halogen bulbs in the headlights, don’t touch them with your bare hands, as the oils on your skin can cause them to malfunction. Instead, use a lint-free cloth any time you have to handle a halogen bulb.

Tail lights and brake lights

Enlist the help of a friend or roommate to check your brake lights. Have them stand behind your car while you engage the brake lights and use both turn signals. In most vehicles, the brake light filament and standard tail light filament are in the same bulb, meaning if one goes out, it’s time to replace the whole thing. 

What if replacing the bulb doesn’t work?

If your lights still aren’t working after replacing the bulb, you’re most likely dealing with an electrical or connection issue. Go ahead and contact a pro to take a look so you don’t end up on the road without functional lights.

Keep your headlights clearer and brighter with headlight restoration. 

Harsh environments, road salt, dust, mud, and pollution can all lead to grimy, dull headlights regardless of the condition of the bulbs within. Stay safer on the road with bright, clean headlights by having them professionally restored at Taylor Auto Glass.

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