cleaning steering wheel

Do you ever even think about washing your steering wheel? You might wash your car once a month or even once a week, but how often do you think about cleaning your steering wheel with more than just a quick, sanitizing wipe every now and then?

Today we’re going to share how you can properly clean and maintain your steering wheel, so you don’t have a shiny car with a dingy steering wheel!

First, spray interior cleaner, specifically made for car interiors, on a dry microfiber towel. Then, move across the steering wheel in 360-degree turns.  Follow that by twisting the towel around the wheel.

Cleaning steering wheel

Quick tip: Never spray the interior cleaner directly on your steering wheel! Always spray it on the towel. You don’t want to overspray onto other parts of your car. The liquid could leak onto your gauges and permanently damage them!

If it’s been awhile (or never) since you cleaned your steering wheel, you may have to use more elbow grease on this part. In this case, use a soft brush made specifically for car interiors. Scrub the steering wheel with the soft brush until you create a lather. When scrub is complete, wipe down lather with clean, dry microfiber cloth.

cleaning steering wheel

If your steering wheel has stitching, whether you started with the brush or the microfiber towel, use the brush to get down in the stitches and between the thread to release dirt.

Are you about to pick up your date? Or about to take a client out for lunch? If you haven’t cleaned your steering wheel recently, you can use a toothbrush and a 3-to-1 mixture of water and all-purpose cleaner. Then wipe it dry and give it a once-over with warm water!

Once you’ve cleaned the entire steering wheel, wipe it down with warm water to prevent extended skin exposure. Then dry it and add your favorite protectant product.

 Since your steering wheel gets a lot of wear, probably the most of any of your car’s interior, properly maintaining it is crucial to keeping it in tip-top shape for years to come!

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