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Ridesharing services are becoming increasingly popular, and no wonder! They’re healthier for the planet, cheaper for commuters, and make traveling in a new city a breeze. With the growing popularity of the ridesharing industry comes a growing number of rideshare options. So, how do you choose a ride share?

Ask the locals.

Whether you’re catching a ride to site see in Washington D.C., Los Angeles, or New York city or you’re requesting a ride in a smaller, slower-paced city, not all rideshares are available nationwide. Your favorite rideshare service in San Francisco might not be available in Greensboro, North Carolina. Some rideshare companies thrive regionally while larger rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft have achieved nationwide reach. While these are almost always options, local commuters may be able to recommend a better local option that you’d otherwise miss out on. 

Ask fellow customers.

Sometimes “just Google it” is the best advice. Look into online reviews to see what fellow ridesharers are saying about popular companies. This is especially useful for researching larger rideshare companies. Get insight into average travel times, flat rates and surge pricing, discounts for riding with multiple passengers, and sign up bonuses. 

Check out their hiring policies.

We like to assume the best about folks, including our rideshare drivers,  but which would you prefer? Hopping into a car with a total stranger or taking a ride with an Uber driver or Lyft driver you know has had to pass a basic background check? Look into each company’s hiring policies to make sure you’re supporting a company with values and policies you’re proud to support. 

Check out the apps.

When you’re trying to get across town to make a pitch, catch a ride to the airport, or make it dinner with your friends on time, you don’t have time for faulty apps and subpar user experience. You should be able to simply plug in your credit card info, verify that your driver has excellent customer reviews, and then be well on your way to your destination without any hassle. If you’re not sure which rideshare to use, the quality of their app and their user experience is a good indicator of how much they value their customer’s experience. 

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