6 Ways to Decorate Your Self Driving Car

Lounge-style seating? Projectors showing movies, news, and social media feeds across the windshield? Double beds to let you get in a few more Z’s before work?

With the idea of everyone owning self-driving cars becoming more of a reality every day, automotive designers are asking themselves one question: What will we do in our cars if we’re not busy driving?

Last month Google launched its Paint the Town Project, which solicits user-submitted artwork that could decorate their autonomous cars, but they’ve said very little about what the interior will look like.

What Will Self Driving Cars Be Like Inside?

6 Ways to Decorate Your Autonomous Car

With all that extra space created by the lack of a steering wheel, cars of the future will probably offer a very different experience. Here are a few ways you could potentially deck out your self-driving car in the future:

  • Get some work done in your mobile office, complete with a small desk, laptop, and windshield display screen for taking conference calls on the go. Late for that meeting? Not anymore!
  • “I don’t have time to eat” is a thing of the past, assuming you don’t get carsick of course. Imagine a fold-out table for two so you can enjoy a dinner date without having to argue about where to go.
  • Not a morning person? What if your seat folded back into a functional (and comfortable!) bed so you can catch a bit more shut-eye during your commute? Now, if you could only find a way to have the rest of your morning routine handled!
  • Curl up with a good book in your auto-library! Think of the interior of your car lined with bookshelves that automatically open when the car is in motion.
  • Create a peaceful getaway for yourself and unwind between destinations. This self-driving car will be decked out with houseplants (carplants?), comfortable seating, and a glass rooftop.
  • Turn your car’s interior into a mobile virtual reality gaming system and level up on the road. Great for kids and road trips!
6 Ways to Decorate Your Autonomous Car

Are you looking forward to self-driving cars? What do you think you’ll do with all that extra time? Let us know your thoughts!

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