Have you ever thought about how during a severe thunderstorm or tornado, you’re told to stay away from glass and windows, but then you’re supposed to believe that your glass windshield will protect you in the case of accident? Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore! It sounds contradictory, but your windshield is actually one of the biggest safety constraints you have in your vehicle. So you should be thanking it!

Here’s how your windshield protects you, almost better than any other safety feature in your vehicle:

  • Your windshield gives your car strength and serves as structural support for the cabin of the vehicle. It prevents your roof from crushing you if you roll over.
  • If you’re in a front-end collision, your windshield provides 45% of the vehicle’s structural strength.
  • If you get in a collision and your vehicle rolls over, your windshield provides 60% of the vehicle’s structural strength.
  • It will also takes the first hit from the passenger airbag. The airbag deploys upward first to prevent the passenger from hitting the glass head first. So the windshield directs the airbag appropriately.
  • Your windshield also serves as an important barrier that keeps you in your vehicle and protected from flying debris.

Thanks, windshield!

Now do you think your windshield is capable of summoning all this strength if you don’t maintain it and replace it? One crack in the glass could compromise the strength and capabilities of your windshield. So you’re risking your safety and the safety of your passengers when you ignore a cracked windshield. Even if you can still see out of it.

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