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There are perks to buying a used car from the owner, but it can be an expensive, stressful experience if you’re not prepared. Take a look at some of the pros and cons of buying your “new” car from the owner.

How long should your car’s windshield last? Ideally, as long as your car. Of course, life happens and cracks, collisions, and other damages can make replacing your windshield unavoidable.

Protect your windshield and prevent replacements with these 5 tips:

Give it some personal space.

We get it, when you’re running late or eager to get home in rush hour traffic, keeping a good amount of space between you and other cars isn’t the first thing on your mind. But consider this, keeping a safe distance not only decreases your chances of getting into a fender bender (or worse), it also gives you time to avoid flying objects like rocks, debris, and whatever- the-kid-in-that-mini-van-just-flung-out-the-back-window. The more space you leave between your car and other vehicles, the more time you have to prevent objects from hitting your windshield.

Keep it comfortable.

As glass is exposed to extreme temperatures, it expands and contracts, so excessive heat weakens glass overtime. It’s best to park in a shaded shelter or garage whenever you can to minimize exposure to the elements.

Buy it nice gifts.

All cars appreciate a new set of windshield wipers every now and then. Keep an eye on the wiper blades to make sure they’re effectively removing water from the windshield. If you notice patchy areas or misshapen blades, it’s time for a new pair. As older wipers lose their shape, they put extra pressure on the windshield and make the glass more susceptible to damage.

Be kind and patient.

Stop slamming your doors. We all do it. Sometimes we aren’t even angry or frustrated, we just do it without realizing it. It’s a habit we all need to break for the sake of our windshields. Closing car doors too forcefully rattles the glass in your car. As this happens day after day, your windshield gets weaker and weaker, increasing the odds that you’ll have to repair or replace it due to cracks or chips.

Treat it to a spa day.

You wash, buff, and wax your car, but are you taking care of your windshield? Harsh chemicals can ruin any tinting or protective coatings, like an Aquapel treatment. Treat it right with gentle, ammonia-free cleaning products to keep it clean and strong.

Have you ever had to replace a windshield? If it wasn’t with Taylor Auto Glass, contact us for an inspection to make sure your replacement is safe and secure!

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