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Seriously though, you should. Windshield care is an oft forgotten art (though we’re obviously biased) and it can often be confused as something far more complex than it really is. Weatherproofing is, at it’s core, simple maintenance. We believe you absolutely should weatherproof your windshield and we’re here to tell you why and how!


Weatherproofing Increases Visibility

The most obvious answer is to improve your visibility of the road. There is nothing more dangerous than not having a clear line of sight of the vehicles around you.

How does weatherproofing increase your visibility?

Making sure your windshield is kept clean is vital – and that means outside and inside. It’s easy to remember to clean the outside when you’re filling up your gas tank, but it’s surprising how much dirt can build up on the inside. Take time to wipe it down, even in good weather, as a dirty windshield can be hard to see out of in direct sunlight.

Another great way to ensure your windshield remains clean and clear is with an Aquapel Treatment. The patented formula creates a ‘hydrophobic’ surface on the windshield, meaning it will repel rain as soon as it hits the windshield. This increases your visibility in rain, snow, and sleet. Learn more about our Aquapel Treatments by clicking here or just give us a call today!


Weatherproofing Protects your Windshield Wipers

The unsung heroes of the storm. Your wiper blades do so much to keep you safe in the rain and snow, you should return the favor with a little TLC.

How does weatherproofing protect your windshield wipers?

When weatherproofing your windshield, you ensure that it is clean and no weather conditions will affect your visibility. In addition to hampering your visibility, dirt on your windshield causes tears in your wipers, significantly reducing their longevity and causing them to wipe the rain and snow away unevenly. Keep your windshield as dirt and foliage free as possible.

You should expect roughly six months of usage before your windshield wipers should be replaced. It’s also important to know that your windshield wipers can damage your windshield, so it’s in your best interest to replace them every six months. As soon as you begin to notice streaks or a drop in visibility they should be swapped out with new ones. It’s not a bad idea to keep a backup set in your vehicle in case of emergencies.

In addition to replacing your windshield wipers regularly, investing in high quality windshield wipers will make all the difference. We offer Trico Flex Wiper Blades here at Taylor Auto Glass because we know they are dependable in all types of weather. They’re high quality, affordable, and provide excellent visibility. The Trico Flex wiper blade is a one-piece structure, which prevents the buildup of debris and even ice or snow under the blades. And the entire wiper will flex and work with the shape of your vehicles windshield, wiping away all water, snow, and sleet that touch the surface quickly and easily.


Weatherproofing Protects your Windshield and You

Winter and the low temperatures that come with it can wreak havoc on the auto glass in your vehicle. A cracked or damaged windshield can lead to unexpected costs and can even be dangerous to you and those riding with you, especially when the weather turns south.

How do I weatherproof my windshield?

  • Feel free to apply a rain repellent during rainy seasons. It may not sound like much but a little-applied rain repellent goes a long way toward reducing the amount of friction that your wipers can cause when turned on.
  • Don’t blast your heater when your windshield is frozen! Ice on your windshield is a major inconvenience in the morning when you’re trying to get to work on time, but take an extra five minutes to let your windshield catch up. Turn the defroster on and leave it on the lowest setting for a time to let the glass gradually change temperature. Intense temperature changes are terrible on glass and can turn those chips into cracks in no time.

We believe in taking preventative measures here at Taylor Auto Glass. If you have questions about weatherproofing your vehicle, please give us a call!

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