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Replacing Panoramic Windshields

Windshields on an RV or charter bus are often panoramic windshields, which makes them wider to increase visibility in the larger vehicles. But just like your car’s windshield, those huge panoramic windshields break or just need to be replaced because of wear. And most of those windshields are one-piece as well!

You may find a video on YouTube that tells you how to replace your own windshield (which we DO NOT recommend), but there is no way you could change your panoramic windshield without a lot of muscle and professional equipment.

Typically, the windshield on your RV is one piece of glass that is 110 inches wide and 60 inches tall. You definitely can’t maneuver that yourself!

How do they make panoramic auto glass?

  1. Two pieces of glass are pre-heated.
  2. They are then formed to fit a special stainless steel mold with more heat.
  3. The glass cools slowly during the annealing process.
  4. Each part is then laminated with Polyvinyl butyral, which you can learn more about in a previous blog post here.

You can see the whole process here.

The annealing process allows the glass to cool down slowly to relieve any internal stress on the glass without ruining it or causing it to shatter. With panoramic windshields, the annealing process takes place in a serial bending furnace with up to 10 pieces at one time.

Luckily, we have the equipment and manpower to handle these larger windshields on your recreational vehicles.

It takes at least four technicians to replace a panoramic windshield.

Not only is this glass large and heavy, but it’s also easier to break because it’s so big and hard to maneuver. Now, this isn’t much different from the more common windshield replacements we do every day, but it takes the muscle and expertise to keep the glass in one piece and ensure it is installed properly. You can cost yourself more money by trying to replace your car’s vehicle by yourself, just imagine how much it would cost you to buy a panoramic windshield and then have to buy another one as well as pay for the professional services?

Call the professionals at Taylor Auto Glass to avoid disappointment, pain, and money loss by letting us handle the panoramic windshield replacement for you!

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