Reduce Your Car’s Carbon Tire Tracks With These Tips Feature

We all know that in a perfect, environmentally-friendly world, we just wouldn’t drive cars at all. Unfortunately, in many places around the country, and especially here in the Triad area, it’s hard to imagine getting around without any kind of vehicle. But rest assured, there are a few things you, as an everyday motorist, can do to make your carbon footprint a little smaller. The bottom line? Don’t drive aggressively and maintain your vehicle!

Green Tips to Decrease Your Carbon Footprint

No speeding! When you drive too fast and accelerate hard, you’re wasting gasoline. Take advantage of your cruise control to maintain a steady speed on the highway, reducing the amount of gasoline wasted, and don’t leave your engine running when you’re not actively driving somewhere.

Keep an eye on your tire pressure. Keeping your tires properly aligned and inflated will save you fuel and make your engine’s job easier! You will save money on fuel, your tires will last longer, and you can lessen the burden on landfills.

Trust a mechanic with all service. Instead of trying to do a lot of your car maintenance by yourself, trust a mechanic. They know how to properly recycle batteries, dispose of motor oil, and handle refrigerants. For instance, when you’re working with an older vehicle’s air conditioner, you can release ozone-depleting chemicals into the atmosphere just by servicing it incorrectly!

Revamp your driving techniques. Your driving technique has a lot to do with your carbon footprint when it comes to your car, so just changing those bad driving habits of yours can be good for the environment. For instance, avoid sudden stops and starts and minimize unnecessary mileage by planning your errands in the most efficient route. Even just ensuring you have good directions and don’t use extra gas by getting lost helps!

Phase out your air conditioning. Instead of driving every day in the summer with the AC blasting through your car, roll down the windows or find an electric solar fan. It also helps cut down on air conditioning usage when you park your car in the shade or use a reflective windshield shade, which means it will take less to cool the car off when you return.

How will you use these green tips for your day to day driving?

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