green driving tips

We all want to drive more efficiently, whether it’s to save money on gas and car repairs, or to reduce our impact on the environment. Many people are taking steps to “drive green” when they’re on the road.

One of the best green driving methods is to avoid driving in the first place, either by biking or taking public transportation, or just staying home when driving isn’t necessary. Unfortunately this isn’t always a realistic solution, especially in areas without reliable public transportation. When you do have to drive, following these green driving tips will increase your car’s efficiency and reduce your impact on the environment.

Green Driving Tips

  • Carpool

Whether it’s to work, school, or the store, carpooling with someone is a great way to guarantee there are fewer cars on the road. That means less fuel is consumed and less air pollution is produced.

  • Consolidate Trips

Do you go out for single, small errands on a daily basis? Do your best to plan on getting as much done during a single trip to save on gas and reduce the daily wear and tear on your vehicle. You’ll have more afternoons to enjoy at home!

  • Keep Your Car Maintained

A car that’s up to date on repairs and routine maintenance is able to run at its most efficient, which is better for you, your wallet, and the environment. Schedule regular oil changes and tune ups, and make sure you have minor issues checked out by a mechanic before they turn into big problems.

  • Use the Right Gas

Are you filling your car with premium gas every time? It’s a common myth that premium gas will make your car run better. In truth, the majority of cars run just fine on low-grade gasoline, and premium doesn’t make a difference to anything but your bank account.

  • Use Cruise Control

Cruise control uses an internal computer to regulate your speed, which comes with several benefits. By keeping a steady speed, you’ll brake and accelerate much less often, which will increase your gas mileage. Cruise control is also an easy way to avoid speeding tickets!

  • Avoid Having a “Lead Foot”

Do you enjoy putting the pedal to the metal after every stoplight and hard turn? Sudden acceleration and hard braking can reduce your fuel economy by as much as 33%, according to the EPA. Make a point to accelerate more gradually and you’ll find yourself at the gas station less often.

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