Hey…you! Yeah, you! Step away from the Windex!


That’s right, if you want a clean, streak free windshield, you have to retire those basic household cleaners and commit to using the right gear to clean auto glass. So what does every car owner need to get that perfect glassy shine?

The Tools

  1. Microfiber towel
  2. Extendable cleaning tool
  3. Ammonia-free cleaner for auto glass
  4. Optional: vinegar/water mixture and newspaper
Wiping with Taylor Auto Glass

The Process

  1. Spray your microfiber towel directly with an ammonia-free cleaner. Why ammonia-free? Besides containing dangerous fumes that can get trapped inside your car, ammonia also dries out plastic, rubber, vinyl and leather (not good for that interior or wiper blades!). Since ammonia is included in almost all household cleaners, go for a cleaning spray specifically designed to clean auto glass.
  2. Use your dampened microfiber towel to scrub the glass, inside and out, removing dirt, bugs, and water spots. Remember to also wipe down the wiper blades to remove dirt build-up that will just get smeared over your freshly cleaned glass!
  3. After a good scrub, flip over your towel, or use a second clean microfiber towel, and wipe away the excess liquid. Let the remaining liquid dry on its own for a streak-free shine. Viola! A beautiful clean windshield.
  4. If you have a sunroof, or are just vertically challenged and can’t reach the whole windshield, invest in an extendable cleaning arm with a microfiber scrub attachment.

Extra Tips for a Streak-Free Shine

  1. Don’t clean your windows in the sunlight. The cleaner could evaporate too quickly, leaving behind spots.
  2. When cleaning your side windows, remember to roll them down a few inches so that you can clean the edge. Don’t ignore that dirt just because you can’t see it when your windows are up!
  3. If your auto glass is tinted, take extra care not to use anything abrasive while cleaning. In addition, inside glass tends to be more susceptible to scratching, so avoid vigorous scrubbing and always use a clean towel.
  4. If you are a smoker, then you have probably experienced smoker’s film: an oily build up on the inside glass that results from smoking while driving. This film can reduce visibility, and just looks dirty! To clean off smoker’s film, mix together warm water and a bit of vinegar. Scrub the inside glass using newspaper and your vinegar solution to break down the oils. After removing the film, finish by cleaning your windshield regularly with a microfiber towel and auto glass-approved glass cleaner.
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Keep your auto glass in top condition! If you have chips, cracks, or other issue with your auto glass that a simple cleaning can’t fix, contact Taylor Auto Glass today!

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