What Are the Best Windshield Wiper Blades for Your Car and Budget?

There are three main types of wiper blades on the market:

  • Bracket Blades

  • Beam Blades

  • Hybrid Blades

Extreme weather, age, and the quality of materials can all influence how well your wipers work. How do you know what’s best for your car? It comes down to your climate and your budget.

Bracket Blades

Also called: hinged, standard, or traditional framed

These are the metal, standard windshield wiper frames you see on most cars. They feature multiple hinges which flex to make sure the rubber edge fits snugly against the windshield. With the exception of some luxury car brands, cars are typically sold with good old-fashioned bracket blades pre-installed because they’re affordable, accessible, and easy to replace.

Winter Blades

Winter blades are essentially standard metal frames insulated in a rubber casing that prevents snow and ice from collecting on the frame’s hinges and interfering with the functionality of the blades.

Good for: Spring-Fall. You’ll want to swap out regular hinged blades for a winter set toward the end of autumn.

Budget friendly? The friendliest.

Beam Blades

Also called: hingeless blades

Beam blades are made of flexible plastic with a hingeless design. They provide premium performance, but often at a premium price. They offer lower profile frames, better contact with the windshield, and better performance in snowy or icy weather conditions.

Best for: Year-round performance.

Budget-friendly? Not very friendly.

Hybrid Blades

As their title suggests, hybrid blades combine features from traditionally framed wiper blades and beam blades. These windshield wiper blades combine the hinged frames of standard blades and add a plastic case which enhances their performance by protecting the blades from wind lift and extreme weather. By design, they offer a middle ground option for your budget.

Best for: Year Round performance

Budget friendly? Friendlier.

Need help choosing the best blades for your needs and your budget? Give us a call at 336-851-1380 today, and we’ll swap out your old windshield wipers for a set of Trico wiper blades. We’ll help you find the right pair in no time. Whether you choose hybrid blades or beam, Trico offers superior performance at an accessible price.

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