You may be on a budget and want to save a few bucks by repairing a chip in your window or replacing your window by yourself. Instead, you should leave that job to the professionals. Yes, you can change your own oil and you can even change your own headlight bulb, but if you don’t have a clear idea of what you’re doing, you can cause more problems by trying to fix any problem with your windshield or windows.


Have you watched a few videos on YouTube and think that it looks so easy? Well, of course it does! Those videos are done by professionals who have likely replaced hundreds of windshields or windows, and have that experience. Any experienced person is going to make the process look easy because it is easy for them.


In a previous blog post, we told you why you shouldn’t use those DIY windshield repair kits on your auto glass. Essentially, the resin in the kits isn’t specific enough to guarantee a flawless repair and they are easy to mess up if you’re inexperienced.


Here are a few more reasons that you should seek a professional for any auto glass repairs on your vehicle:


  1. You may purchase the wrong replacement windshield. It’s possible that you could buy the wrong windshield for your vehicle or the size could be just a little off, enough to cause problems with your vehicle. The glass may come in the wrong shape, or one corner could be off. And you don’t have the tools to fix that problem or ensure it doesn’t happen in the first place, like professionals do!
  2. Your windshield crack could expand or cause your entire windshield to shatter while you’re driving. If you use a DIY windshield repair kit, it won’t fully repair your windshield. If the resin is not the specific kind needed for your windshield, you run the risk of the crack expanding or causing your windshield to shatter while you’re driving. That’s very dangerous for you as well as those driving around you.
  3. Your car’s roof could collapse while you’re working on it. If you don’t have the proper tools, it’s possible that the roof of your car could collapse while you’re working on it, or worse yet, while you’re driving later! The windshield of a vehicle holds much of it’s stability and if that’s tampered with, it could cause worse problems than a crack in your windshield.

Ultimately, it’s best to get professional help since we have the tools, the experience, and the knowledge to work on your vehicle and return it to you safely. If you’re not comfortable driving your vehicle, give us a call and we can always come to you!

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