Windshield Leak

Have you noticed any water inside your vehicle following a rainstorm or after washing your car? You could have a leak in your windshield!

It’s easy to spot a cracked or chipped windshield, but faulty seals around your windshield glass can cause leaks that are difficult to find. If the rubber or adhesive that hold the windshield glass in place begins to deteriorate, you may begin to notice moisture building up inside your car. If your windshield was recently replaced, this may increase the likelihood that your windshield is the cause of the leak.

Never underestimate a little windshield leak!

windshield leak

Even if it’s just a little water squeezing through your windshield, that water can accumulate on the dashboard, headliner, and carpet in your vehicle and cause unpleasant side effects:

  • Discoloration
  • A musty, “damp” smell
  • Foggy windows from the inside
  • Mold and mildew
  • Rust

Your windshield also provides stability for your entire vehicle, so you don’t want to leave a chink in your vehicle’s armor! If you find a leak around the edges of your windshield, be sure to keep your car covered during rain or snow, and call an auto glass specialist as soon as possible to repair the leak.

Not sure if the leak is coming from your windshield? There are a few easy ways to check!

windshield leak

The Soapy Water Test

Pour soapy water over the trim of your windshield on the outside of your vehicle. Then, spray the trim of your windshield with an air nozzle from the INSIDE of the vehicle. That air will then cause bubbles in the soapy water at the source of the leak if it is from your windshield.

The Hose Test

Spray water on your windshield with a hose and have a friend sit inside the vehicle to see if the water is coming in from any particular spot around your windshield. Be careful with this method, though, and make sure your interior is protected from any damage the water may cause if your windshield does turn out to be leaky.

windshield leak

Other Causes of Leaks

Aside from your windshield, there are many other parts of your car allowing moisture to enter your vehicle. If you’ve ruled out a windshield leak, check these other areas:

windshield leak

Like your windshield, your doors also have seals that should be keeping water out of your car. Regular wear and tear, as well as weather and climate effects, will naturally deteriorate these seals over time. If you’ve ruled out your windshield as the cause of your leak, the doors are a good place to check next.

Check the seals on your sunroof. A sunroof which isn’t properly sealed could be a disaster for your interior – and for you as a driver! Getting dripped on inside your car during a heavy rainstorm is not a very pleasant experience and can be distracting to you, so it’s good to get your sunroof checked for leaks.

windshield leak

A broken air conditioner may be another cause of an interior leak. Have you ever noticed water dripping from the underside of a car? Condensation occurs as a result of using your air conditioner, and your car is designed to release the condensation outside when it builds up. But if the air conditioner is broken, that water from the condensation may leak out inside your car.

Tip: If you notice a leak in your vehicle, but it doesn’t appear to be coming from your windshield, take it to a mechanic as soon as possible to ensure nothing is structurally or mechanically wrong.

Don’t let a small leak turn into a big problem. If you suspect a leak from your windshield, sunroof, or door glass, contact Taylor Auto Glass today!

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