You’ve probably heard of the DIY Windshield Repair kits that you can purchase at most auto shops. They look pretty legit, right? Well, they should since those manufacturers pay big money to advertise them as the cheap solution to your problem. But unfortunately, they can be too good to be true. There’s a chance you won’t have any problems with using it, but it’s easy to mess up the repair, so that could cause more problems for your windshield down the road.

When you invest in a professional, you get the high-quality work that a windshield chip, crack or repair requires.

When you choose to use the DIY kit over professional service you’re taking the easy way out. It’ll save you money for now, but in the long run you’ll have to replace your entire windshield sooner. Once you’ve used a DIY windshield repair kit and the spot is blurred (as a result of using the wrong viscosity resin) and sticking out like a sore thumb, it’s hard for a professional to fix that.

If they can’t fix your mistake, your only option is to replace your windshield. Which we’re happy to help you with, but we know you’d rather not have to do that. Especially after you just tried to save money and now you’re going to have to spend much more.

Our professional technicians have years of experience repairing windshields. Sometimes investing a little more money in a repair is worth it. Wouldn’t you rather spend a little more upfront, rather than attempt the repair yourself and have to shell out even more money to replace your windshield when you mess it up? Yikes. Not that we don’t believe in you, but it’s hard to repair glass. That’s why we’re trained in it! Trust us when we say, you’ll get your money’s worth when you let us repair your chips or cracks instead of trying to do it yourself.

We know how to avoid further damage while repairing a chip or crack, we have professional equipment that we know like the back of our hand, we know how to fix different types of windshield cracks or chips (like star breaks, combination breaks, cracks, even bullseyes) and we use high-quality resins specific for the type of damage you have on your windshield.

We’re also pros when it comes to leveling out a pit so it doesn’t catch your windshield wipers!

Not to mention, with a quick call to Taylor Auto Glass, we can come to you and finish the repair in no time.  Isn’t that better than spending hours on that DIY kit?
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