Let’s play a game!  Without peaking at the answers (bottom of post), can these windshields be repaired or must they be replaced??



Sometimes it is obvious that a windshield must be replaced, but other times the crack or chip could go either way.  Answer the following questions to see if your windshield problem may be able to be repaired…

Answer the following questions…

A repair in process
A repair in process
  • Is the chip larger than a quarter?
  • Is there more than one chip?
  • Is the crack longer than a dollar bill?
  • Does the chip or crack impair the driver’s line of sight?
  • Is the crack or chip near the windshield’s edge?
  • Is the crack or chip old?

If you answered NO to all of these questions, there is a good chance we can repair the windshield instead of having to do a more costly replacement.  Either way, most are covered by insurance and we will file your claim!

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Windshield Repair or Replace

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