Windshield Pitting Causes

Have you heard of windshield pitting? If not, you definitely need to know!

Nothing is more frustrating than driving down the road, having the sun hit your windshield just right, and suddenly you’re blinded. Maybe it’s only for a second, but anything can happen in a matter of seconds when you’re on the road. It’s even worse when there’s more than one spot that catches and reflects sunlight in your eyes, preventing you from focusing on the traffic ahead.


Have you noticed any glares or specks on your windshield when the sun shines on specific areas? Then it’s likely your vehicle has mild to extensive windshield pitting.

What is Windshield Pitting? What Causes Windshield Pitting?

It’s a natural form of wear on your windshield. Windshield pitting is caused by:

  • sand,
  • dust,
  • and other types of debris.

When these particles hit your windshield every day as you drive, they cause damage to your windshield. When colliding with your windshield at such high speeds, the sand and other particles from the road will become embedded in your windshield.

In fact, the wear happens faster if you take the highway to work every day because you’re traveling at higher speeds for a majority of your commute. Not to mention, more vehicles travel the highway and kick debris up onto your windshield.

Initially imagining one speck of sand stuck in your windshield may not seem like a big deal, but over time it adds up and a pitted windshield will obstruct a driver’s visibility entirely!

Windshield Pitting Sun on Windshield

What does Windshield Pitting Do?

Windshield pitting causes small craters in your windshield (yikes, right?!). These craters distort the light coming in the windshield, which then distorts your vision. When the sun hits a crater, the light reflects in different directions as it hits each surface in the pit. Even with just one crater in your windshield, which is rare, if the light hits it just the right way it will blind you.

In addition, the more windshield pits you have the less secure your windshield becomes. And as you know, your windshield is a major safety feature in your vehicle. You can learn more about the importance of your windshield in the safety of your vehicle by clicking here. A pitted windshield will shatter much easier than a regular windshield. All those craters in your windshield compromise the strength of the auto glass and put your safety at risk if you’re in an accident.

The small craters and pits can also render your windshield wipers ineffective or cause damage to them. If a pitted windshield causes your windshield wiper blades to lose their shape or even break apart, they can damage your windshield but could also allow water to flow through when you need them in a downpour. Regardless, a pitted windshield makes your vehicle less safe and always compromises your visibility, no matter what weather conditions you’re in at the time.

You may be thinking, I’ve noticed a little glare on my windshield, but it’s not on the driver’s side, I should be fine. Think again! If the sunlight, or any street lights or headlights at night, hit the windshield pit or crater at just the right angle it could redirect the light in a way that blinds you and puts you and your passengers at risk.

It’s important to get your windshield checked if you’re noticing any obstructions to your vision, specifically when light hits your windshield in just the right way. If you’re blinded anytime while you’re driving, be safe and get the windshield inspected. While windshield pitting is more common in desert areas, it can eventually affect any vehicle in any climate–don’t think you’re immune!

Windshield Pitting

How Do You Get Rid of Windshield Pitting?

There’s not an acceptable repair for pitted/worn auto glass. The best repair is to replace the windshield. If you’re scouring through Google for some other option, you may get your hopes up. Various articles and videos float around with ways to fix your pitted windshield on your own. But unfortunately, any attempts to polish the glass, like many of these links suggest, will make it uneven and could pose an even more significant problem. While minor cracks can sometimes just be repaired, that is not the case with a pitted windshield.

If you’ve noticed any glares or specks on your windshield, give us a call at  336-851-1380 !

We can inspect your windshield and let you know if it should be replaced for your safety.

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