Windshield Wipers Smearing Rain

Why Do My Windshield Wipers Just Smear The Rain?

Picture this: You’re cruising down the highway and drive into a rain shower. So, you do what any reasonable driver would do and turn on your windshield wipers. And now you can see! …right?

Plot twist: Instead of clearing your windshield, you actually think the windshield wipers are making it harder to see through the wet, smudgy mess. Sound familiar?

Ineffective wiper blades are a common issue, usually due to one of the following:

  • Worn out blades
  • Dirty build up on your windshield
  • Low-quality windshield wiper fluid

From here, you have a few different options:

  • Clean your windshield
  • Invest in better windshield washer fluid
  • Replace your windshield wiper blades

Go ahead and start with the obvious (and most affordable) option: clean your windshield! Once clean, test your windshield cleaner by activating your windshield washer pump.

Still smudgy?

Opt for a better windshield washer fluid and try again.

Still doing more smearing than clearing?
It’s time to take a good look at your wiper blades. Here are some signs it’s definitely time for an upgrade:

  • Cracked, split, or missing pieces of rubber
  • Are you familiar with that obnoxious, bone-chilling noise wiper blades make when they drag across the glass at just the right angle? Yeah, that’s not supposed to happen.

Bent frames. The metal part of the wiper blades can get damaged and misshaped, meaning the rubber no longer makes proper contact with the windshield.

Notice any of those signs? It’s time to invest in new windshield wipers! Replacing wiper blades is fairly simple, but it’s vital that you follow the instructions and install them properly to ensure they effectively clear your view and prevent damage to your windshield.

For added peace of mind, give us a call, and we’ll replace your worn out wipers with the best the industry has to offer: Trico wiper blades. We use them on our own cars, and we recommend them to all of our customers. They’re flexible, durable, and effective, providing high-quality performance at a budget-friendly price point.

Check ‘em out here, or go ahead and give us a call at (336) 851-1380 to schedule your wiper blade replacement today! Just swing by for a quick appointment and we’ll have you back on the road (with a crystal clear view) in no time.

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