dirty car art

What do you do when you see a dusty, dirty car in the parking lot?

Sometimes it’s fun to write “Wash Me” or draw a quick smiley face as we walk by, or maybe get a bit more creative if the car belongs to someone we know.

Scott Wade of San Antonio, TX puts all our hasty finger doodles to shame with his Dirty Car Art.

dirty car art
“Aquarium #1” via Scott Wade’s Dirty Car Art.

Scott Wade grew up at the end of a long, dusty dirt road, so the family cars were always coated in a layer of clay and limestone dust. He couldn’t resist drawing on the windows with his fingertip, inspired by his love for art and cartooning.

Eventually, he started to wonder if he could get more than the usual fat line provided by his fingertip, and he started to experiment with using his fingernail to get finer lines. This led to using a chewed popsicle stick as an improvised brush, and soon he was trying all sorts of brushes to get different effects and shapes, and his drawings became more detailed and intricate.

dirty car art
“Great Wave off of Kanagawa” via Scott Wade’s Dirty Car Art.

After emailing photos of his artwork to family and friends, they were discovered by a local columnist who wanted to showcase his work. Today, Scott has been invited to create his “Dirty Car Art” at art shows and events all over the world!

Scott says part of the beauty of his work is its impermanence.

dirty car art
“LOVE” via Scott Wade’s Dirty Car Art.

“Nothing is permanent really, so it’s a great thing to be reminded to just enjoy that beauty in the moment and then let it go.”

Click here to see more of Scott Wade’s artwork. 

What do you think about Scott Wade’s “Dirty Car Art”? Have you ever drawn something on a dirty car window? 

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